4136100 [rkeene@sledge /home/rkeene/devel]$ ls -am
./, ../, appfs/, archive/, arpmon/, autoconf/, backuppcd/, build-cc/, cdplay/, cdplay-0.3.4/, cdplay-0.3.7/, cdplay-0.3.7.tar.gz, chroot_shell/, convertfs/, ctk/, cygwin-stuff/, dact-0.8.37/, dact-200401011943.tar.gz, dact-snapshot.tar.gz, dact.tar.gz, directshare-new.tar.gz, fifos/, freecolor/, gp2p/, htp/, kitcreator/, landisk/, libconfig/, libconfig-0.2.5/, libfriendly/, libopennet-0.8.1/, libopennet-0.9.9/, makearch/, memtest/, mooselinux-0.0.19/, mrtg_hs/, nanocap/, netcat/, odcctools/, old/, osslsigncode/, patches/, pki/, relocinstall/, reverse-utils/, reverse-utils.tar.gz, rivetcgi/, rutil_tcpcgi/, slowdl/, snortbox/, sse3_emu/, streamit/, swapd/, task001/, tcc4tcl/, tcl-nano/, tclpkcs11/, tcltls/, teaparty/, tuapi/, tunnelit/, webapp/, webdraw/, webpass/, xtitle/, zen/
4136101 [rkeene@sledge /home/rkeene/devel]$

archive/ contains programs that I worked on many years ago.
cdplay-0.3.7.tar.gz is a console cd player with no user interface at all. It's options include Sorting, and Looping.
dact-snapshot.tar.gz is a daily snapshot of the DACT source code. (Warning, this may not work. In fact, it will probably not only NOT work, but also cause damage to your machine and/or yourself and/or the universe as a whole.)
dact.tar.gz is the latest version of the DACT compressor.
patches/ contains various patches to various things.
reverse-utils.tar.gz is a set of utilities needed to make connections to a machine behind a firewall if you have access to that box at some point.
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