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Web Draw

Mouse Tracking Tool.


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Status: Ready

A discussion of the uses and limitations of server-side mouse tracking:

  • Uses:
    • Web based versions of traditional interaction systems:
      • Web based VNC (Remote Frame Buffer) client (e.g., ajaxvnc)
      • Web based Remote Desktop (Windows RDP) client (e.g., ajaxrd)
      • Web based toolkit (e.g., TkWeb)
      • Web based presentation layer (e.g., WebUI)
    • Advertisment
      • A method to detect if people are viewing your page actively (if they, their mouse will probably be moving)
      • Do people move their mouses in any particular pattern over your advertisement that might indicate that care about it at all ?
    • Usability Studies
      • Conduct research into how people are using your web page
    • Malicious
      • Can your mouse movement be used against you in some interesting ways ?
  • Limitations:
    • Speed
    • Time
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