Changes to Rivet between r23 and r25

'''Tcl-based Templating Engine'''

[ | Apache Rivet] is a "templating engine" for the Tool Command Language ([Tcl]).  It is implemented as an Apache 1.3 Module and thus requires the Apache Web Server version 1.3.''x'' and explicit configuration by the hosting system.

I find Rivet very useful, and have built several projects using it (notably The [Tcl Web Application Framework]), but have found the requirements burdensome.

To work around this issue, I've ported Rivet to CGI: [RivetCGI]

This can be used to:
   1. (Mode 1) Directly replace "mod_rivet" on any version of Apache (including suexec support); ''or''
   2. (Mode 2) Create a web application that can be used as a CGI on any webserver (see below); ''or''
   3. (Mode 2) Create a web application that can be used as a standalone HTTP server

In "Mode 2", it can be used to create a web application that:
   1. Is a single file with all resources bundled in; ''and''
   2. Is a native executable for your platform; ''and''
   3. Works in either CGI or HTTP server mode depending on how it is called; ''and''
   4. Requires no modification to your Rivet application

   * -->    *

   *  -- the included "index.cgi" is a single file with all resources (images, scripts, etc) bundled into it


     Only in r23
     Only in r25
     -->      Modified slightly between r23 and r25