Changes to Rivet between r2 and r3

'''Tcl-based Templating Engine'''

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I've done some work to port Rivet to CGI (for use on [Win32], Apache 2.x for example, or any other webserver that can be similarly configured).  It also allows you to take advantage of suEXEC for Rivet scripts.

Rivet CGI:
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Rivet/CGI Download:
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To use it:
   * Compile "rivet.cgi"
   * Copy "rivet.cgi" (from rivet-cgi/bin/ []) to a directory that allows ExecCGI
   * Copy "htaccess.txt" (from rivet-cgi/bin/ []) to the root of your web directory, or put the appropriate contents in your Apache configuration
   * Copy "packages/*" to somewhere in the Tcl library search path
Additionally, Rivet/CGI now supports converting a Rivet application wholesale into a [Starkit], for distribution of a Rivet application as a single file (including supplementary resources, such as images, documents, etc).
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The script "rivet2starkit" is supplied to accomplish this.
I also wrote a simple script to convert simple TTML (from mod_dtcl, whose syntax is very similar to Rivet's) documents into CGI executables


     Only in r2
     Only in r3
     -->      Modified slightly between r2 and r3