Changes to Tcl between r14 and r17

'''Tool Command Language'''

Tcl is a dynamic programming language that is available on many platforms.  Tcl is very flexible and consistent.  For example, you can re-implement the "if" command within Tcl (see [Reimplementing the If Statement in Tcl])

Tcl's flexibility makes it easy to implement other languages directly in Tcl, see for example:
   * [LOLCODE in Tcl]
   * [HTML in Tcl]
   * [Tcl Quine]

Some links:
   * []
'''Tcl Documentation'''
   * Tcl Cheat Sheet [] (PDF [])
   * [Tcl and Threads]
'''Tcl Compiling'''
   * [Cross-compiling Tcl]
   * Create your own Tclkit using [KitCreator]
'''Some Scripts'''
   * Script to convert Starkits to native executables (Starpack) []
   * Script to automatically convert a file, or directory tree to a native executable []
'''My Tcl Extensions'''
   * [TclPKCS11]


     Only in r14
     Only in r17
     -->      Modified slightly between r14 and r17