Rivet r13 (See the current copy)

Tcl-based Templating Engine

Apache Rivet is a "templating engine" for the Tool Command Language (Tcl). It is implemented as an Apache 1.3 Module and thus requires the Apache Web Server version 1.3.x and explicit configuration by the hosting system.

I find Rivet very useful, and have built several projects using (notably The Tcl Web Application Framework), but have found the requirements burdensome.

To work around this issue, I've ported Rivet to CGI. It can be used with any webserver that supports CGI or no webserver at all as it now includes a built-in webserver.

It can create a web application that:

Or, with any version of Apache it can be used to directly replace "mod_rivet" with a ".rvt" handler. For more information on that, see the included documentation.