Rivet r11 (See the current copy)

Tcl-based Templating Engine

Main page: http://tcl.apache.org/rivet/

I've done some work to port Rivet to CGI (for use on Win32, Apache 2.x for example, or any other webserver that can be similarly configured). It also allows you to take advantage of suEXEC for Rivet scripts.

Rivet/CGI Download: http://www.rkeene.org/devel/rivetcgi-

To use it:

  1. Compile "rivet.cgi"
  2. Copy "rivet.cgi" (from rivet-cgi/bin/ [1]) to a directory that allows ExecCGI
  3. Create ".htaccess" file based on "htaccess.txt" (from rivet-cgi/bin/ [2]) to the root of your web directory, or put the appropriate contents in your Apache configuration
  4. Copy "packages/*" to somewhere in the Tcl library search path

Additionally, Rivet/CGI now supports converting a Rivet application wholesale into a Starkit, for distribution of a Rivet application as a single file (including supplementary resources, such as images, documents, etc). This single file (Starkit) can then be used as a CGI or (as of version a standalone HTTP server.

The script "rivet2starkit" is supplied to accomplish this.

I also wrote a simple script to convert simple TTML (from mod_dtcl, whose syntax is very similar to Rivet's) documents into CGI executables