Deprecated, but still useful at times

CustomKit is a web interface to build one-off Tclkits with certain extensions embedded in it. It's usually the wrong approach to development, but can be useful in certain occasions.

CustomKit can be useful for creating a Tclkit with certain extensions built in for testing and pre-development analysis.

The best approach for development most of the time is to fetch the extensions your application uses from Teapot using teapot-client (part of Teaparty).

Example Makefile using the best approach and not using CustomKit:

 BINS = testapp-linux-x86 testapp-solaris-sparc
 EXTENSIONS = pki pki::pkcs11

 all: $(BINS)

 testapp-%: testapp.vfs/main.tcl testapp.vfs/testapp.tcl
        rm -rf testapp.vfs/lib
        teapot-client get testapp.vfs $(shell echo "$@" | sed 's@^testapp-@@;s@-@ @g') $(EXTENSIONS)
        starkit2exe testapp.vfs "$@" $(shell echo "$@" | sed 's@^testapp-@@')
        rm -rf testapp.vfs/lib