Ethernet tunnels with a netcat-like tool

Security Note: No authentication of any type is performed, it is assumed that you take care of this at lower layers (firewall, physical access, etc). This tool is intentionally simple.

How to use it:

Other options:

 Usage: tunnelit-p2p [-VFhluo] [-p port] [-H host] [-d devname] [-f tunpath]
                     [-t keepalive]
    -V              Print version and exit
    -F              Run in foreground (default is to background)
    -h              Print this help and exit
    -l              Listen (default is connect)
    -u              UDP mode (implies "-o")
    -o              Only allow one client to connect at a time.
    -H <host>       Connect to host, required if "-l" not specified
    -d <devname>    TUN/TAP device name (i.e., "tap0")
    -f <tunpath>    Path to kernel TUN interface (i.e., "/dev/net/tun")
    -t <keepalive>  Specify how frequently to send keepalive packets, in
                    seconds (default: 900)